Hanger Unit Bearings

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Hanger bearing units install on equipment on a steel tube. The pedestal of a hanger bearing unit usually has a threaded hole that allows easy installation and maintenance.Hanger units with set screw lock. Standard duty; Cast iron housing; Wide inner race bearing; Available with eccentric locking collar bearing; B-type seals; L3-type seals available in some sizes. Consult IPTCI for speed limitations.




Split Cylindrical hanger units are the optimum solution for the support of screw conveyor shafts. iron split housing into which expansion type split cylindrical roller bearings are fitted. Provision of a drilled and tapped boss in one half of the housing allows for the unit to be mounted from the conveyor cross bracing or any other suitable.Hanger bearings provide a bearing surface to support a screw section when multiple screw sections are used in a screw conveyor. Hanger bearings are journal or plain type bearings that mount in hangers and are replaceable when worn.






Bearing Number Bore Dia Outer DIa Width Size
AMI MUCECH210-32NP Hanger Unit Bearings 11.57 SEALMASTER 0.0 M06110
AMI MUCECH210-30NP Hanger Unit Bearings Stud Type MCGILL 1.5 Inch | 38.1 Mill Cam Followers Stud T
AMI MUCECH210-31NP Hanger Unit Bearings 1.129 Inch | 28.677 0846802032494 Sleeve Bearings EP-121820
AMI MUCECH209NP Hanger Unit Bearings N/A M06288 0782475334612 DODGE
AMI MUCECH209-28NP Hanger Unit Bearings Duplex-Universal 0.984 Inch | 25 Mill Bearing Open
AMI MUCECH209-27NP Hanger Unit Bearings 0.0 0808250432752 M06110 AMI BEARINGS
AMI MUCECH206-18TC Hanger Unit Bearings Oil Impregnated Sint EP-121628 Bushing No Flange 31171515
AMI MUCECH205TC Hanger Unit Bearings Bearing 3.705 8482.10.50.68 Non Precision
AMI MUCECH205-16TC Hanger Unit Bearings TIMKEN Bearings QM INDUSTRIES 0.0
AMI MUCECH205-15TC Hanger Unit Bearings 0.0 M06288 N/A 0883450407427
AMI MUCECH205-14TC Hanger Unit Bearings 6.0 0087796042070 Ball Bearings TIMKEN
AMI MUCECH210-32NPRF Hanger Unit Bearings QM INDUSTRIES 79 4.921 Inch | 125 Mil 12.56 Inch | 319.024